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June 10, 2013

By John Rose, Wales Director

Wales Director John Rose

Wales Director John Rose

You may have heard me saying or read a blog from me about how the Big Lottery Fund awards £100,000 a day in Wales to help communities most in need.

I do enjoy saying it whenever I can because it reminds everyone how much of an impact we and our projects are making. But we thought it would be refreshing to ask the people of Wales what they thought of the Big Lottery Fund’s work so today we’re launching 100 BIG Voices. It’s 100 to tie in with that £100,000 daily amount we award but we also aim to gather at least 100 voices from projects we’ve funded, stakeholders and perhaps the odd celebrity here and there to help showcase all the wonderful things that are being achieved through our funding.

We’re confident we’re doing a good job but the Big Lottery Fund is an organisation that’s also more than willing to listen and learn. Therefore, we’re happy for people to tell us what they think about what we do every day.

Talking to and meeting the projects we fund always fills me with awe – there are some really amazing things happening right on your doorsteps, helping people from all walks of life. To help demonstrate this, and, a nice way to launch 100 BIG Voices, we would like to you to watch a short film featuring three touching stories about people whose lives have been helped by our funding. After you’ve watched it below read how you can participate in 100 BIG Voices. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you:

Tell us what you think about the Big Lottery Fund’s work in Wales here:

Twitter: @BigLotteryWales
Phone: 0300 123 0735

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