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We can’t wait until 1st June!

May 15, 2014

Big Lunch Pack - resizedThe Free Lunch Pack caught my eye and I realised that The Big Lunch would be a great way to bring our residents together – especially those residents who often eat alone.

The Big Lunch is a simple idea; to get as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours. This happens annually on the first Sunday in June and can be anything from a small get together in the garden to a full blown street party.

My name is Anna Newman; I have been working at Clwyd Alyn Housing Association* for just over five years now. My role as a warden is to support the residents and families ensuring they are secure and happy in their residences. The residents are mostly over 55 and independent. The complex I work in has thirty-six flats and we have a Community Lounge for a wide range of activities which is also available for the neighbourhood to use.

ILlys Erw Arian i Bawb - resizedn May last year we were awarded £4593.00 from Awards for All Wales to make our new outdoor area user friendly. This involved purchasing items such as tables and benches, planters, making paths and trellises and installing a shed. This has enabled the residents and the community to socialise and interact with each other and form new friendships. The refurbished outdoor area will be perfect for our Big Lunch!

We have a residents committee who will help to plan our Big Lunch which will include inviting friends and family and all the people who have supported them over the years.

Overall it should be a brilliant way to build better community cohesion in our neighbourhood.

Could your group or community benefit from hosting a Big Lunch?

Get your free pack and find out more here.

Join the discussion #TheBigLunchWales

 * Clwyd Alyn is a member of the Pennaf Housing Group which provides a range of housing services and manages 5,713 units of accommodation.


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