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Supporting Environmental Groups

January 5, 2015

Did you know that the Big Lottery Fund supports projects that use the environment as a tool to help their community?

We have created a short animated video to tell you what that means…BIG_B_BLU_screen

…and there are resources available on our website to help you to plan your environmental project and application. Here you can find research and articles that can help you to consider environmental, social and economic factors in your project, and this page has worked examples of environmental projects.

You can also read about some of our environmental projects that we have funded in Wales here:

We hope that this has been useful, please leave a comment below.


Here at the Big Lottery Fund we are huge fans of the environment. We want to see more applications from project that use the environment as a tool to help their communities. And that’s the key – ensuring that your community is at the heart of your project.

So how can we do that?

  • Why not hold outdoor activities for older people; to reduce social isolation?
  • A community farm is an effective way to get the community involved in the environment by providing volunteering and training opportunities.
  • Your project could help people with disabilities to access their local environment.
  • Or bring the community together to create a community garden that would engage people of all ages.

As you can see there are many ways to incorporate the community in your environmental project. and don’t forget, your project might not start with environmental outcomes but there are lots of ways to help the environment.

You could install a compost toilet in your local community centre instead of that old porcelain one that no longer works. Need to replace your water heating system in your community hall? Consider solar panels as a possible option. Eco friendly and sustainable! If experience tells you that your community engages best with leaflets and posters; make them from recycled paper and ask people to recycle the leaflets when they are done.

There are so many ways that you can improve outcomes for your community and improve your local environment at the same time and those are the kinds of projects that we, at The Big Lottery Fund, want to fund. So remember to keep the community at the heart of your environmental project.

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