Putting people in the lead for positive change in Wales

BIG_B_BLU_screenBig Lottery Fund Wales director John Rose explains how this week’s launch of a new vision for the fund sets out how it will work with communities over the next six years.

Today, the Fund is making two important announcements: we are launching our strategic framework, which outlines our vision for how we will work with communities over the next six years, and we are announcing our future funding priorities for Wales. Both bring together the findings from our consultation last year, Your Voice, Our Vision.

Our mission remains to help communities and individuals most in need, but the new framework puts people in the lead. Our role will be to support you to make positive changes happen and we will start by focusing on the strengths that you bring to the table. In essence, we will be more ‘bottom up’ and less ‘top down’.

We will use lottery funds to act as a catalyst for this positive change, supporting you and your community to bring about social change on your terms. You can find out more about our vision for the future here.

So, how will we put the new vision into practice in Wales?

554080_3180183222270_885752174_nFirst and foremost, we remain committed to open funding programmes that allow communities to respond to their own needs in their own way through existing programmes like People Places and Awards for All Wales. Where we target National lottery funding to tackle specific problems, we have decided that we should unlock the potential of Wales’ communities to address social issues.

Initially, we hope to do this in two ways. Firstly by considering how we can support rural communities to develop responses to the particular challenges that they face, and secondly by looking at ways in which we can support and promote financial capability of people in Wales during economically challenging times.

We are also very aware of the challenges facing the third sector in the current financial climate – during recent consultation our stakeholders identified several areas they thought we could help. This is why we will be issuing a call for ideas to address those pressing issues that Your Voice, Our Vision highlighted: Improving third sector governance; fundraising & income generation; and supporting the third sector to acquire the skills it needs to thrive.

These priorities very much represent a starting point and we will continue to listen to our stakeholders and customers and develop suitable responses to meet the needs of people and communities in Wales.”

Read more about our vision and keep up to date with plans on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. […] Why did we pick Parciau for this surprise? Well a few weeks ago whilst at an event in Wrexham, I met some of the committee members from the bowling club for the first time. Ironically I met them at an event, the Wrexham Third Sectors Managers Forum where our Director in Wales John Rose was sharing our vision about our future direction as a fund and the details of our Strategic Framework. […]

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