The sense of support was like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

Main imageThe Down to Earth project, based in Swansea was awarded £716,529 funding from the People and Places funding programme for their ‘Building Community’ project. Alan Gee tells us what the project means to him:

 “My name is Alan Gee, two years ago I had a fall and fractured my skull in four places.

My life changed totally I was a senior manager capable and experienced in dealing with large and diverse numbers of people and projects.

For the first year I could barely hold a conversation and even an accompanied trip to the local shops was traumatic

In autumn 2014 I attended the rehabilitation project Down to Earth led by Clinical Psychologist Dr Zoe Fisher.

The sense of support and camaraderie that was engendered by staff members Jon, Seb and co was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. That feeling of security and safety enabled me to take initial tentative steps back into the world and within such a short time without my realising I found myself taking huge strides.

Centre 2Jon a Facilitator in the true sense of the word (to make easier or less difficult; help forward) encouraged me to help and support others on the course.

Recently I was asked to Chair a brain Injury Conference attended by more than 400 health professionals without the support and encouragement given to me from Down to Earth this would not have even entered my realm of possibilities.

Now thanks to Down to Earth I truly believe anything is possible.”What is “Building Community”?

This remarkable National Lottery funded project supports vulnerable and disadvantaged groups to, quite literally, build their own community training facility using beautiful, sustainable and locally sourced materials. The accredited training programmes support participants to create something genuinely awe-inspiring, while at the same time helping them to re-build their lives.

Centre 1You can get involved in this project either by volunteering on Fridays or as volunteer mentor mid-week. Down to Earth are also accepting group referrals for the accredited programmes.  To find out more visit their website, Twitter or Facebook.

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