“I ran around this room twice when I heard we won”

After a hotly contest public vote, five projects from north Wales won our Grab a Grant competition, receiving up to £5,000 each. Watch the audio slideshow below to hear from all the winners and then read more about two of the successful projects.

“We give the love and support homeless people need”

Brenda Fogg
Brenda Fogg

Brenda Fogg, co-ordinator of Hope Restored in Llandudno, said: “I came here many years ago with severe injuries caused by domestic violence with two children in tow and five black bags. I did have bad injuries because I had a table thrown at me so I ended up with plates and things in my face and lost my hearing on one side. It’s been a long healing process but I now give help back to these guys what I got all those years ago.

We feed and support homeless and needy people in the Llandudno area and we’ve got more and more people on our books now – 140 people. Every day it’s somebody new coming through and some of these are young people who are finding themselves on the street and it’s tough out there for them. We give them that love and support we hope they need, get them into rehab or a flat or wherever is suitable for them as soon as we can. A lot of money goes on B&Bs as well because if they’re not suitable to be on street we get them in a B&B away from the drinkers and drug dealers until we can get them housed.

We hadn’t applied to anything like this before so we had a go at it. We rely on funding and now it’s even more crucial as the winter is coming. I ran around this room twice when I heard we won – I was over the moon. That is not a lot of money to some people but to us that is a tremendous amount that provides the tents, sleeping bags and necessities for the winter which is what we struggle for.

I haven’t any experience of Lottery funding. This was a stab in the dark we haven’t gone in for grants before. We’ve just been bobbing along. This is our first experience so absolutely thrilled to bits.

And getting public support is great – I’m very, very grateful for that.”

“We’re tackling obesity levels in Anglesey”

Tony Maguire
Tony Maguire

Tony Maguire, coach and chair of committee for Holyhead and Anglesey Amateur Boxing Club, said: “There are no facilities for younger children as there is an age limit on local leisure centres. We want to open up our gym to everyone who wants to exercise because you’re never too young to exercise so this may give us an opportunity to tackle obesity levels on Anglesey.

At present we only open in the evening and we’re limited to when we can open because not everyone wants to box but we want to add more variety so we would like to create community gym for access throughout the day and then have a coach who gives advice on diet and nutrition as well as the exercise programmes.

Grab a Grant is a great scheme. We were elated because we did a campaign with all the members. We put it out on Facebook and Twitter and got everyone to share it. Once I seen the high calibre of candidates I thought it’s not going to be easy so I was so pleased that we won.

I just thought National Lottery funding was a long drawn out process where you were bogged down with paperwork but I’ve found it to be an easy process and there was a good explanation of how to go through it. This is the first time we applied for grant. It was a bit daunting but now it’s given me confidence to apply for future grants because I know what’s needed.”

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