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“I’m shocked I can do so much”

December 16, 2015



Our £14 million Bright New Futures programme has been building the emotional resilience of young parents and young disabled people in Wales so that they have the skills, knowledge and ability to manage key transitions in life. Read two stories about its success so far.

Liam’s story

“I am 18 years old and I have autism. I went to the Info Shop and was given the details to contact A Dynamic Future. I was finding doing so many things hard, talking to people, sorting my money and writing a CV.

I wanted to:

  • Get a paid job: write a CV, find a Job, find my way using a bus
  • Get a place of my own to live: get a job to pay, learn to budget, learn to cook
  • Pass my driving test: pay for lessons and test

At a Dynamic Future I met Jenny and Terry a worker and I was given a form to fill in and my Mum had one too, which asked lots of things about me, what I could do, what I wanted to do and how I thought I was going to get there – what I needed to learn.

Dynamic, the main charity knew Sainsbury’s and through this they were able to find me a work experience at the shop. I really enjoyed this, and was helped and supported all week by Terry. I loved every bit of it, only hated the computer work.

At the end of my work experience a job came up cleaning in the café. Terry helped me fill in a form, I did my CV and Terry came with me to the interview. He helped me to get ready for this. Suggested things I should wear, practised answering questions and told me what it would be like. I also learned with Terry how to use the bus and taxis to get me to work and home.

I got the job – part time and in the evenings but its great earning my own money. Terry has even helped me to write a budget plan for my money.

In my free time during the day I am learning to cook and can cook cheese on toast. At the end of the project I cooked a meal for my Mum. I have now passed my driving test.

Mum is pleased but shocked I can do so much. I am too.

I liked coming to the Dynamic Future Project because Terry has helped me in finding a job, writing a CV and budgeting. I think I see myself working with new friends.

I made my first appointment by myself. I am now looking forward to learning new life skills such as washing my own clothes and cooking.”

About the Dynamic Future Project

It was awarded £956,000 to support and guide disabled young people in Wrexham between the ages of 14-25 who are not benefiting from a service offering support, help or advice in relation to opportunities for their future. This includes helping to secure college or volunteering places, training or employment.

Read Winnie’s story


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