Need help fundraising?

main image.jpgBy Dr Martin Price, Chair, Institute of Fundraising Cymru

We understand that fundraisers have a tough job – a rewarding one, but a tough one all the same. The Institute of Fundraising can make that job a little easier, whether it is through direct training and advice, or by helping fundraisers to become part of a large and supportive network.

The Institute of Fundraising Cymru supports individual fundraisers and charities in their fundraising endeavours, right across Wales. Our members – whether individual, organisational or corporate – join because they are committed to achieving the highest standards in fundraising.

If you want to increase income for your community group, think differently about fundraising and have a better chance of succeeding, follow these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Join your local group

We have Regional Groups in North, West and South Wales which meet regularly with programmes of speakers, but also providing an opportunity for meeting other fundraisers informally. Networking is vital for the many sole-fundraisers in small charities in Wales. It is helpful to share worries and issues with people who have are coming from the same place.

Step 2: Meet the experts

These have been difficult times for community groups, with ill-informed media attacks and new regulations on charity fundraising.  The Institute provides a clear debrief and key questions for 2016 to help you understand what’s happening.

We also run other activities and invite well-known fundraising experts to share their knowledge. For instance, we recently heard from Joe Saxton from NfpSynergy on trends and research in fundraising.

Step 3: ImprovInstitute_of_Fundraising_Logo.jpge your skills

We have an ongoing training programme from introductory courses, skills days to qualifications such as the Certificate in Fundraising to Welsh fundraisers. To get details of latest events, training and opportunities sign up to our email briefing

Step 4: Find out more?

Read the latest blogs, check out the guidance and resources and see the training calendar at

If you want to become a member, or are interested in the any of our events and training get in touch with – Pam Dodd Institute Of Fundraising Cymru Manager at our office at 21 Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9HA.  Telephone 0292 034 0062 or email

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