Writing helps Lei communicate with confidence

Lei - Write Well

Lei explains how a lottery-funded Write-Well course provided by Arts Care Gofal Celf in Carmarthen helped him rediscover his love of prose.

For the past few years I have lost the will and the energy to write. Ever since I was a child I have loved to write. Perhaps part of the reason for my love of writing is the need to express myself since I have experienced a stammer throughout my life, which at times I have allowed to prevent me from communicating in the way I wanted to.

It took me a few sessions of the workshop to really get into the swing of writing again, but I was immediately struck by how well and how assiduously Jane (the tutor) included everybody in the group. Through Jane (and John Bilsborough, the other tutor) leading the sessions I feel that I have been reacquainted with the form, discipline and variety of writing.

I feel energised and encouraged to experiment with my writing, and to try out the different forms which Jane and John present to the class. I’ve learned from the sessions to look more critically at literature; a focus which I had stopped a long time ago. I like the way that we are all as group members encouraged to read out our own work at the start of each session. And the way in which we are invited to comment constructively on each other’s work. It’s a sort of openness and receptivity which I didn’t have before, and which I think is only for the good.

I’ve also found the tutors to be available and supportive on a personal basis. I’ve learned from being in the group that I’m not on my own in struggling to write how and what I want to. I find the homework we are set each week to be really valuable. It provides me with a goal and encourages me to have the discipline in order to achieve it.

I like the informality of the sessions, and I feel more encouraged than ever to achieve my goal of writing for a living. I also like the way that we are all treated as adults, and I feel that there is a mutual respect amongst the group; which is reassuring when you start without much confidence in your own writing or indeed yourself. Oh. And the coffee and biscuits for each session: they are great….

Write well was funded through our small grants programme Awards for All. Find out how to apply.

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  1. […] These could include projects that use arts to reduce isolation, create awareness on an issue or increase people’s resilience through community activity.   For example, we recently funded Arts Care Gofal Celf to deliver creative writing and publishing workshops in South Wales for people who have experienced mental health problems, you can read more about this project by clicking here. […]

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