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Free Online Fundraising Training

June 27, 2016

main image.jpgIn a world where digital skills are increasingly important, many local charities are being left further behind when it comes to targeting the general public. Localgiving’s UK-wide Regional Development Programme aims to change this, by giving communities the confidence needed to fundraise in the digital age.

In 2015, the Charities Aid Foundation released figures showing Wales to be the “most generous” nation in the United Kingdom. In fact, 80% of those surveyed had donated to charity in the previous year.

However, whilst this enthusiasm for donating is clearly strong amongst the people of Wales, some organisations may feel they still lack the IT skills best needed to approach them.

What groups can expect

Through the Regional Development Programme, Localgiving will provide participating groups with:

  • Free IT and Internet training to raise funds online
  • Access to match funding
  • A dedicated regionally-based project coordinator, who can offer face-to- face support

The programme is designed to empower community groups with the confidence to take control of their financial future, engage with online fundraising and gain access to the same kinds of online marketing tools available to larger charities

Localgiving will also work closely with organisations like the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action the Community Foundation in Wales and local County Voluntary Councils to strengthen the project’s reach.

Results so far

The project has also been successfully run in Yorkshire and Humber, in Scotland and in Northern Ireland and the programme has recently launched in Wales thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

Results from around the UK are impressive. In Northern Ireland Localgiving worked with 94 different charities and raised £63,000 in donations for organisations in just 12 months.  The number of charities who rated their online fundraising abilities between “Good” and “Excellent’ rose from 5% to 45%.

The Northern Ireland coordinator, Sian O’Neill, emphasises that:-

“We work with such a spectrum of organisations: from those who are proficient in digital communications, but who value the added support in relation to their fundraising, to those groups who are unaccustomed to digital fundraising and have a low digital skills capacity. The programme is so flexible that we can offer support to organisations, regardless of where they are on that spectrum.”

The Scottish Regional Development Programme is also seeing great results. As the Nairn Academy Parent Council, a member of Localgiving, has explained:-

“The training we received from Localgiving was really inspirational; we now have lots of ideas as to how we can make the most of fundraising.”

bnbn2.jpgFor more information on how your group can benefit from Localgiving’s Regional Development Programme in Wales, please contact or check out the website

The Localgiving Foundation received £258,272 through the Big Lottery Fund’s People and Places programme. For more information about the programme visit our website.


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