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Your story is our story

July 12, 2016
#lotteryselfie from training session3

#LotterySelfie from training day

With your story is our story approach in mind, we have just trained ten projects that have received funding from us in the latest communications techniques.

Training funded projects in this way is not completely new but what we did this time, with a little help from external PR company Equinox, was provide a much wider support package. This meant we didn’t just look at things like writing a press release, social media and interview techniques but also identifying/mapping stakeholders, putting together a comprehensive communications plan, reputational management and helping projects talk to and/or influence the people that matter to them.

It was also an opportunity for networking and a chance to meet us outside those usual conversations about things like a grant application or monitoring visit.

And there was another top selling point. By signing up for the free session, projects, who were all from our Bright New Futures programme, pledged to work on something with us afterwards. This could be anything from a social media campaign, press feature, series of blogs to promoting an event or celebrating achievements.

Sounds like a simple idea and it is but it’s also a great way of ensuring there is more of a longer lasting legacy to our training sessions.

How many times have you been to a training session and learnt new stuff but never really had the time to put it into practice? That was a worry of ours with this. So now think how great it will be when in several months’ time we can help showcase at least ten pieces of work that are a direct result of the session rather than just guessing that our support has helped by a reading a press cutting or social media post and assuming it was the result of our support.

It’s great for our projects that they are empowered with new skills and have the opportunity to use them to tell their communities much more about their great work. And there is an obvious snowball effect as the more projects we train, the more great stuff we have to share and celebrate.

So this was the first of many sessions in Wales and we are also developing a suite of online self-help materials too.

Of course it’s not a seismic shift in our work but it’s a great step in the right direction. It means our offer is seen as more than just awarding funds but also supporting projects in other ways to be the best they can be.

If you have received funding from the Big Lottery Fund and would like to find out more please contact us: email, 0300 123 0735, on Twitter or Facebook.

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