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We’re changing our online community – to make it your online community!

August 5, 2016

Action on Hearing Loss4.jpgIn this blog Steve Keene, our digital manager, talks us through the improvements we will be making to our Online Community.

Bringing people together

Every year we award millions of pounds of the National Lottery’s good cause money across the UK. We know that money makes a huge difference. But we also think there is a real opportunity to do even more to support those we have funded.

I hear lots of stories about groups delivering really valuable work who would like to speak to other groups. They would like to learn from them, pick their brains, share knowledge, problems and opportunities. Sometimes that happens through existing networks. Sometimes it is hard to reach the right people.

Our aim to improve the online community

We think we’re really well placed to bring those groups together, so they can help each other. We’ve begun a project to make major improvements to our online community to do this.

We’ve spoken to groups we’ve funded, we’ve spoken to our staff who work with groups we’ve funded every day and we’ve looked at the stats and evidence we already have. From all that evidence, it’s clear that there is one clear and simple purpose for our online community:

The online community will be a peer to peer networking tool for groups that we’ve funded

How do we want you to be involved in this?

Over the next few months we’ll be keeping you up to date and telling you the story of how we are making these improvements. We’ll explain why we’re making changes, and why now. We’ll explain how we’ve tried to understand what you, our users, want. And we’ll talk about how we’re going to approach this work in a new way for the Big Lottery Fund.

Most importantly we’ll be speaking with you! We want your input on our online community. Your comments will help shape what we do and how we do it. The online community is for groups we’ve funded, so we want those same people at the heart of the process of improving it.

A few questions to get things started:

  • Does our purpose The online community will be a peer to peer networking tool for groups that we’ve funded sound good to you?
  • What communities or networks are you already involved in, online or in the real world? And how do they help?
  • What sort of discussions would you like to take place on the online community? What would help you?

Thank you!


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