Mudiad Meithrin celebrate lottery funding on their 45th birthday

Main.jpgMudiad Meithrin (the Welsh early years organisation) describes how grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund they are for the funds it has succeeded in receiving over the years.

“The application forms are easy to complete and the National Lottery’s friendly staff are available on the other end of the line if needed in case of difficulties with any aspect of the form.

Below is a table showing how much funding nursery groups, You and Me groups and Mudiad Meithrin in general has succeeded in securing through the National Lottery Community Fund’s various programmes over the last five years.

  • 126 grants worth up to £465,019 to Nursery groups throughout Wales
  • each grant was £3,690 on average
  • 136 applications over 5 years, 92% of which we successful (only 10 were unsuccessful)

The types of projects funded in the nursery groups include improving outside areas for children’s imaginative play, information technology equipment to develop children’s digital literacy skills in the groups, as well as educational equipment and furniture for the groups. All of this creates an atmosphere which will be a means to encourage children to enjoy learning and to raise the standard and quality of the provision.

Dolgellau Nursery Group and Trefeurig Nursery Group received significant funds from the People and Places fund to help with new buildings or refurbishments to transform the provision by offering high quality care and education to the children.

Through partnership work with Merched y Wawr and the organisation in general, the ‘Bodo’ scheme was funded through the Awards for All fund. This project enabled 50 members of Merched y Wawr to hold a series of ‘story time’ sessions in nursery groups which needed linguistic support e.g. where some staff were learners and by extending and enriching the language of the children in the group. This scheme was a way to buy a set of books appropriate to the groups who were also part of the scheme.

In spring 2010, Mudiad Meithrin succeeded in a grant application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to hold a ‘Celebrating our Heritage’ project in 2010/11. The aim of the project was to promote lullabies for those children who attend nursery groups and You and Me groups throughout Wales.

This was achieved by following five simple steps:

  1. A CD was distributed containing 12 lullabies performed by the folk singer Siân James to all the Mudiad Meithrin nursery groups and You and Me groups, along with resource packs which included ideas of activities to accompany the lullabies. The lullabies are taught to the children by listening to the CD to ensure that the lullabies are passed on from one generation to the next.
  1. The ‘Celebrating our Heritage’ tour across Wales was held during June 2010. A little show was put on for the children by the singer Gwenda Owen, who sang some of the lullabies learnt in the groups. A colourful poster containing the words to 5 of the lullabies was distributed to each child who attended the shows to remind them of the experience and for the children to share the songs with the family at home.
  1. Recording equipment and digital cameras were purchased, and the development officers organised recording sessions in groups, with volunteers talking about the different stories and traditions related to the lullabies.
  1. A podcast was made with the materials gathered, and it is available in its entirety on the Mudiad Meithrin website for the whole world to listen to.
  1. The final step was to create a booklet to contain some of the lullabies and their accompanying stories, as well as working with some of the nursery groups to gather stories and activities to accompany some of the lullabies.

More can be seen and heard of this project on our website

 Watch the moment Gwenllian, Chief Executive of Mudiad Meithrin found out that their application for £1,290 to celebrate their 45th Anniversary with an awards ceremony and a pyjama party.


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