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Our most frequently asked questions of 2016

February 21, 2017

Applying for a grant can be quite daunting for any first-time applicant; some groups might have a better idea than others of what they want to do for their project and it’s not always easy to find out where to start. If you’re looking to apply for a grant in 2017, here’s what we were asked the most by our customers in 2016.

Do you need to be a registered charity?

No, you don’t need to be registered charity to apply for an award through Awards for All, People and Places, or the Rural programme. If you are a voluntary, community or public sector organisation, working individually or together then you will be eligible for a grant.

These include voluntary and community organisations, charities, social enterprises, cooperatives, community mutuals, faith organisations, community interest companies, and companies limited by guarantee established for public and community benefit.

We would expect you to have a governing document, as well a UK-based bank or building society account in the name of your organisation that requires at least two people that are unrelated and do not live at the same address to sign cheques and make withdrawals. If you are applying on behalf of a school then you can use a local authority bank account.

Do you have programme deadlines?

For our main programmes, Awards for All, and People and Places there is no deadline. However if you are applying for the Rural programme Community grants then you will need to submit your application by Monday 3rd April.

How do you make decisions?

It will depend on the programme. If you are applying for an Awards for All grant then we will make a decision based against the priorities and aims of the programme.

If you’re applying for a People and Places grant then we will make a decision based on the programme criteria, and how much you are applying for; under £250,000, between £250,001 and £500,000, and between £500,001 and £1 million.

We also have also openly recruited people from outside of the Big Lottery Fund, and they make up our decision-making committee and ensure that we fund the projects that have made the best applications.

Where can I get an application from?

You can get application forms for Awards for All and People and Places on our website (click here for Awards for All, and click here for People and Places).

If you’re applying for a grant through the Rural programme then you’ll need to phone us on 0300 123 0735 or e-mail to discuss your project first before we will send you a form.

What is your top tip for success?

Without doubt it’s to make sure that your project is people-led and that you’ve spoken to your community before submitting your application. It’s important to demonstrate to us as clearly as possible how you’ve consulted with your community about what they need, who you’ve spoken to, when you did your consultation, how you consulted with them, and how you’ve taken their feedback to shape your project.

You can read in more details about consultation on our blog by clicking here!

There’s a lot of things to look at on your website, where do I start?

The best place to start is to look at our guidance notes for each of our programmes – we’ve done our best to put them together with all the information that you need in them to successfully apply for a grant. They really are your all-in-one guide on each programme.

You can read our guidance notes for Awards for All by clicking here, People and Places here, or the Rural programme by clicking here. If you’re still stuck though then please get in touch with our Advice team, who will help you out, on 0300 123 0735.

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  1. John Pritchard permalink
    August 3, 2017 5:43 am

    Your “Top Tips fur Success” has made applications easier and more achievable. Thank you.

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