What next for Magi Ann?

Winning the Education Category in the National Lottery Awards 2017 was a fantastic experience for Menter Iaith Flint and Wrexham. With the National Lottery funding, we succeeded in creating 6 apps to help children to learn to read Welsh. We have received priceless publicity as a result of the nomination and winning the award. We reached a far wider audience than we would have through our current networks, not only across Wales, but throughout Britain.

Being able to make our speech in Welsh when receiving the award was a great boost to the work of the Mentrau Iaith of promoting Welsh. It was great to hear Welsh being broadcast on the BBC throughout Britain.

There have now been 180,000 downloads of our apps – a fantastic total. We are confident that not only lottery money but also the publicity and promotion attached to the National Lottery Awards has played a large part in this success.

Whilst in the awards ceremony, we met with a team from Cornwall who had won an award in another category – and as a result of that – we are now working together on a new project to translate Magi Ann to Cornish! Extremely exciting news. The National Lottery has played a very important role in the success of Magi Ann, and continues to play an important role as we see progression and Magi Ann going from strength to strength.

Find out more about the National Lottery Awards here.

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