“It’s amazing, and I can’t thank all of you who buy National Lottery tickets every week enough.”

Watch the incredible moment Y Bont in Bridgend are told that they’ve been successful in being awarded £530,000 of money raised by National Lottery players.

Two of our Mid and West Wales team, Rosie Dent and Alex Davies went to visit the centre, where staff and families thought they were doing some filming about services for children with disabilities but were amazed to instead be told that they had received the grant!

Y Bont is a charity that provides support to families of a child with a disability or complex medical conditions and was founded by parents who wished for a centre where they could meet other families in similar circumstances. Today they provide a unique service to more than 140 families in Bridgend and the surrounding area.

The group were ecstatic when the news was revealed that their grant application for £530,059 of National Lottery funding through the National Lottery Community Fund’s People and Places programme had been successful!

Over five years will support disabled children and their families in Bridgend to reduce the challenges they face, in particular isolation and a lack of social opportunities, encouraging them to develop peer support amongst each other, build relationships and enjoy an active lifestyle through activities that include the whole family.

Ann Sherwood, CEO of Y Bont said: “We are so, so excited and grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund who have just told us that we’ve won a grant for us to open and out-of-school fun zone project which is for five years mainly for children with autism, and their siblings and parents, and children with other needs. It’s amazing, and I can’t thank all of you who buy National Lottery tickets every week enough.”

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