Volunteers supporting older people to tackle isolation and live as independently and possible through the Attic Project.

Throughout our lives many of us accumulate possessions which often end up piling up in the attic or dotted around our home. Over time these possessions can be a major obstacle when it comes to downsizing or allowing access for key repairs, adaptations and improvements that make our homes safe and comfortable as our needs change.

Sorting through your possessions can bring back a lot of memories and letting go of them can be both emotionally and physically challenging. The Attic Project is a partnership project between Care and Repair and VCS Cymru supporting older people in Newport, Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan to organise their personal possessions so that they can live as independently as possible.

Through a specialist caseworker and volunteers, the Attic Project supports older people to sort through or dispose of their possession in a way that is good for them and good for the environment. Having the opportunity to record and talk about the stories behind possessions can be an empowering process, reducing feelings of social isolation and improving wellbeing.

Volunteer, Georgia

The project is made possible thanks to a £499,241 grant of money raised by National Lottery players and its success is thanks to all of the dedicated volunteers who invest their time to support older people in their community through the project. We spoke to one of the project’s fantastic volunteers, Georgia, to find out what motivates her…

Why do you volunteer?

Firstly the initial reason for my volunteering with the Attic Project was because as a first-year student studying to be a counsellor I needed 40 hours placement in a care setting. However, since my hours have been completed, I decided to carry on giving my time as I came to realise what I was giving to the community was something quite precious.

What benefits do you get from volunteering?

What I get out of volunteering is most importantly that I am able to build a relationship with my clients. I am able to give them the help they need, whilst allowing them to lead the way. By doing this I feel as if I give them a sense of achievement in the process we go through together.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about volunteering?

JUST DO IT! It will open new doors for you in terms of self-awareness and patience, and you’re bound to hear some cracking stories.

To access support call Care & Repair on 0300 111 3333 and for information on volunteering call VCS Cymru on 029 2132 2627. If you would like to find out more about National Lottery funding for community projects in Wales, visit the National Lottery Community Fund website.


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