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Share with us your top priority for your community

August 16, 2018

As Wales’ leading community funder it’s really important to us that we listen and respond to what matters most to the communities we serve. Your views will help inform our future thematic areas. Examples of these include Helping Working Families and Create Your Space which have enabled us to target funding streams to areas that can make the biggest difference.

Our strategy ‘People in the lead’ is based on the belief that people should be the lead in improving their lives and communities. We therefore want to seek your views, and ask that you prioritise the areas identified in order of importance for your communities. We’d also like you to explain how involved you are in your community and how best we can share funding advice and news about our grants with you. 

Over the next few months we are holding a series of events with stakeholders to draw on their knowledge and experience on what they are observing in their specialist areas too. This will also inform our research, and this combined with your views will help us decide on our future thematic priorities for 2019 – 2021.

You can complete the survey at The deadline is 14th September 2018.


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  1. August 16, 2018 3:44 pm

    Hello, I have spent 10 minutes completing your survey, but unclear if this has been received! ie No sent button.

    These are my comments on my ranking order of themes

    best wishes David Smith Secretary Co-ops & Mutuals Wales 01633 266781

    1-4 indicate opportunities for self help, ranked equally (older people, disabilities, C&YP, support for families). By 5, i propose Welsh Govt focus upon capabilities rather than simplistic approaches to employability skills. In this way we focus upon the interests and enthusiasm to learn. To paraphrase Anderson: “Education is a basic capability …. in the sense of being a fundamental capability and foundational to other capabilities extends to …reflection, understanding information and awareness of one’s capabilities…and the possibility to formulate exactly the valued beings and doings that the individual has reasons to value… and certain levels of social and political participation.” This approach in building confidence will improve health and wellbeing (6) which will provide volunteering opportunities (7) and hopefully require digital skills (8) (see 5 above). This approach should bring people together (9) and should, depending upon precise purpose of the activity, include sustainability. A community focus has its benefits, but I find specialist networks organised around themes, eg social co-ops, credit unions, housing co-ops, etc., can be more effective than geographic ones.

    Overall comment about the crucial role of adult community learning.

    In building upon recent work on Co-operative Education undertaken by: we find the work of philosopher Martha Nassbaum impressive especially her work on ‘creating capabilities’ . Whilst this is not an easy read for most, including myself, Otto and Zeigler in ‘Education and Capabilities makes this more accessible, in particular, when referring to ‘What is the Point of Equality’ (1999) by Elizabeth Anderson.

    Thanks for providing this opportunity. Hope the above helps


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