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Advice for schools applying to National Lottery Awards for All

September 11, 2018

Schools across Wales are at the heart of their communities and play a much larger role in daily lives than just education in the classroom. Here are our top tips for schools in writing your National Lottery Awards for All application to ensure that everyone from the pupils, parents, teachers, and the wider community benefit as much as possible.

National Lottery Awards for All offers funding from £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities. There are three funding priorities and you must be able to tell us in your application how your project or activity will:

  • bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities
  • improve the places and spaces that matter to communities
  • enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

Adding Value to Your Community

The National Lottery Community Fund strives to build stronger, more resilient communities in Wales and works together with other funders to ensure that we make the most effective use of our funding. As a result we cannot fund anything directly relating to the school curriculum i.e. textbooks, art supplies etc. as these are the responsibility of the Local Authority. Think carefully about what your activity will be achieving and how this fits with the above funding priorities of the programme, you will need to describe this in your application.

Be open and flexible

We’re committed to funding the things that matter most to communities and believe that National Lottery funding should benefit as many people as possible within a community. We can only fund activities which are genuinely available to community outside the school. Activities should take place outside of core school hours in, school holidays, and before or after school. It should also be open to the wider community when appropriate and allow other children or families from across the area to join in the activities, not just the ones at the specific school. So if the project ideas from the community are for play facilities, outdoor shelters or holiday clubs then ensure that these are open for everyone and they can be used by as many people as possible.

What’s important to your community?

As with all projects, the best way to ensure a lasting difference is to build on the enthusiasm and passion that your community has for the project. Speak to your community, both within and outside the school, to find out their ideas and what’s most important to them. We want the whole community to be meaningfully involved at all stages of the project including the design, development and delivery of your project. Consider asking the pupils and members of similar groups in the area, for example other schools or youth groups, what they would like from the project as well as the community at large.

Over £100,000 has been awarded to schools in Wales over the last 12 months for everything from outdoor adventure trails to community events and the programme remains open to schools. For further details on National Lottery Awards for All visit our website.

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