Help shape National Lottery funding

logo.pngWe are looking for 10 – 12 people in Wales to take part in user testing to help The National Lottery Community Fund (formerly ‘Big Lottery Fund’) improve the process of applying for funding.

The National Lottery Community Fund wants to improve the overall experience of applying for National Lottery funding, which includes transforming our digital and web services and refining the application process. Participants can be successful and unsuccessful applicants, who will help us to map out the stages of applying for funding (the ‘customer journey’), and tell us their experiences of what went well and what was difficult.

We would be very grateful for your contributions as it is so important to improving our services and making sure our funding has the best possible impact on a wide range of communities.

What is it?
A group of 10 – 12 people who have applied for funding from the Big Lottery Fund (now known as The National Lottery Community Fund). The group will meet to tell us about their experiences applying for funding – what went well and what was difficult. There will be two sessions:

  • English language session – 9am until 4pm on 26 March in Helmont House, Cardiff
  • Welsh language session – 9am until 4pm on 28 March in Ladywell House, Newtown

What is it for?
The Fund wants to improve the application process to make it more accessible, simple to apply for, and a better experience for our applicants. Testing any changes we make with a range of previous applicants will be a very valuable and important step in improving our future service.

What will I be asked to do?
Attend a workshop where you will discuss your experiences applying for National Lottery funding through a series of exercises. We may also contact you before or after the meeting to ask for more informal feedback, either by email, phone or webinar.

How will it work?
The customer journey workshop will be facilitated by representatives of The National Lottery Community Fund, with lunch included.

There may be more meetings you can attend. We’ll keep you informed if these meetings are confirmed, so you can let us know if you’re available to come along.

What’s in it for me?
A chance to be involved in the development of our applicant experience and have your say in how the Fund will be in the near future.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay you for your time, however we will pay reasonable travel expenses for you and for a carer if needed.

Your involvement in the workshop will not affect any current or future grants and applications you make.

Will I be named?
During the workshop, our teams will make a note of your comments but participants won’t be named in any reports and all personal details will be kept anonymous.

What if I have further questions?
If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, please get in touch by emailing

How do I note my interest?

If this sounds like something you would be keen to participate in please note your interest by emailing If you think that someone else in your organisation at an operational level would be better placed to respond please do forward this invitation on to them.

The project team will review all notes of interest and select a representative selection of test participants. We cannot guarantee that everyone who notes interest will be able to participate, but we will get back to all respondents within a week.

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