Building Resilience for a Thriving Third Sector

The National Lottery Community Fund recently commissioned The Funding Centre to create the first map of the third sector support landscape in Wales. The Funding Centre is a consultancy who have worked with more than 100 charities across Wales. They have seen first hand just how challenging things really are for the third sector.

We were seeking to list, understand and assess what help is available to enable the sector (charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises) to survive and thrive. Our focus was on help to build organisational and financial resilience. We asked The Funding Centre about the process and what they identified:

“We found a lot to celebrate. There are many organisations providing support to build resilience, and much of this is free or low cost. More research is required to evaluate the overall impact, but it seems clear that the spectrum of support is valued, and there is surprisingly little duplication considering the number of initiatives.

The summary of our directory of specialist support will be launched on 21 March 2019 at the Gofod3 conference. We’re also providing a link here. It should be viewed as a snapshot of a complex support environment, rather than an exhaustive list.

Our full report considering the issues and challenges faced by the third sector will be available from the National Lottery Community Fund later this year. The report will share case studies and perspectives from both sides of the support equation – recipients and providers. There are also plans to publish the full directory online.

About the List of Support Providers

Our research for the directory included a number of areas which are thought to have a bearing on financial and organisational resilience: Board Development, Business Planning & Strategy, Compliance, Digital Innovation, Evidence & Impact, Finance, Fundraising & Funding, Governance, HR, Leadership, Mission & Vision, Legal, Management, and Volunteering

The directory includes providers from the public, private and third sector. For private sector providers, we excluded suppliers of bespoke professional services and consultancy, with the exception of standalone services available on a free basis.

The directory includes the bodies dedicated to supporting the third sector – WCVA, Wales Co-op Centre, and the 19 county voluntary councils – who are best placed to be the first port of call. Beyond this there are providers offering a full programme of support covering a number of areas of need, and others who specialise.”


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