Youth resilience: The latest on National Lottery funding for young people in Wales

10 members of the Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel
Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel

We’re excited to share that the development of our programme to support young people in Wales is being driven by an amazing panel of young people drawn from across Wales.

Back in March we recruited 10 incredible young people from across the length and breadth of Wales to work with us, with support from ProMo Cymru and Ministry of Life, to design and carry out research into the issues that matter to young people in Wales.

Over the last few months the young people panel have been busy conducting research and reaching out to young people across Wales – asking them what matters most to them and what keeps them awake at night.

We at The National Lottery Community Fund have also been listening closely to public and third sector organisations that support young people. Together with the panel, ProMo Cymru and Ministry of Life we came together as a team and followed up our research with a series of co-design sessions to discuss what we and they learned.

Based on our combined insights, we decided with the team of young people that the £10 million of National Lottery money should be used to focus on young people’s mental health and resilience, and to put young people in the lead of imagining and creating a more resilient and mentally healthy future as society rebuilds and recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two young men working at a desk

Our panel of young people highlighted some key insights from their research to help us understand what kind of difference this funding could make. This included:

  • The importance of ensuring more support options are available and that young people get the right support at the right time, wherever they turn to for help.
  • An aspiration to move away from seeing ‘support’ as something that can only be provided by formal services – young people want a range of options and for activity not traditionally seen as ‘mental health support’ to be better equipped to promote their mental health and resilience.
  • Young people spoke about the need for much better signposting to ensure young people know how to access the support and services that already exist.
  • The crucial importance of ensuring young people’s diverse lived experience is reflected in the design and delivery of projects, programmes and services.
  • Young people highlighted the value and effectiveness of peer support and activity-based approaches.
  • A central ambition for this programme to empower young people themselves to make a difference to the mental health and resilience of current and future generations of young people in Wales.

Over the next few months we will be sharing more about what of what our funding will look like, including how communities can apply for funding, as well as how we will continue to work with our young people panel to support our funding in Wales. Keep an eye on our website for our latest news.

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