£3.8 million to improve wellbeing, confidence and connectivity across Wales

Nearly a year since the first COVID-19 lockdown, our grants totalling £3,800,912 will help improve wellbeing, confidence and connectivity across Wales, thanks to National Lottery players. 

Read about just some of the 120 groups who are playing an incredible role in keeping people supported and connected through this challenging time. From digital choirs and community projects supporting young families and people with disabilities to a national mentoring programme, they are all helping communities in Wales recover and adapt from COVID-19. 

Conwy Connect for Learning Disabilities  

In North Wales, Conwy Connect for Learning Disabilities will use £5,000 to continue providing practises for the Makaton Choir to enable members to increase their confidence, and to feel safe and listened to.  

Caroline, who supports Glyn, a member of the choir, said,

“The choir practice is a very important social event for Glyn, as well as giving him the opportunity to improve his Makaton skills which he now uses much more confidently. Being able to continue with Makaton Choir during lockdown has given Glyn some stability and continuity during a difficult time, providing him with a means of keeping in touch with his signing friends whilst still learning and progressing despite the current situation. We are very grateful to Conwy Connect for managing to keep the choir sessions going.” 


Welsh National Opera Limited  

Welsh National Opera Limited will also continue digital delivery of weekly choir practises for people with dementia, their families and carers with its £5,940 funding. 

Tricia Jones, a member of Cradle Choir, said, “The choir is just a joy. I have met some lovely people and getting together to share our love of music and singing is a highlight in my week. Seeing everyone’s smiling faces at this difficult time lifts the spirits and makes the day brighter. I hope Cradle Choir is able to continue into the future, providing a unique and special service for people with dementia.” 


 Welsh National Opera – Cradle Choir session 



Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales  

Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales will use its £425,995 funding to work with Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales (EYST), Disability Wales and Stonewall Cymru to deliver a mentoring programme to give participants the confidence, resilience and skills required to apply for a variety of public and civic roles, ensuring public institutions better reflect the diversity of Wales  Catherine Fookes, Director of WEN Wales said:

“We are absolutely delighted that our ‘Equal Power, Equal Voice, All Wales mentoring programme’ is receiving National Lottery funding, which will allow us to work with our partners to significantly expand the scheme.  

This national programme will be lifechanging for the participants – we know from the mentoring schemes we have run already that they have helped countless women become more involved in political and public life – becoming councillors, governors or taking up board positions. The programme can help make Wales a fairer nation, with a much more diverse democracy at its heart. We can’t wait to get started!”  

WEN Wales – Mentoring Speed Networking Event in the Senedd, December 2019 


SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death Society)  

SANDS (Stillborn and Neonatal Death Society) will use its £5,719 to provide Welsh language bereavement support to parents who have experienced the loss of their baby.  

Heather Jane Coombes, Wales Network Coordinator, said,

“Good bereavement care following the death of a baby can be life-changing and this amazing grant will ensure that parents can participate in their care as equal partners through the medium of Welsh language. It is so important that bereaved parents can access care and support in their chosen language. Thanks to the players of The National Lottery together we can ensure everyone can seek SANDS’ bereavement support without barriers.”  

 The cover of the SANDS’ bereavement support book which will now be translated into Welsh 


The Trinity Project 

 In Cardiff, The Trinity Project will provide practical and educational allotment activities for asylum seekers and refugees, families, and students with its £9,996 fundingRegular events will enable different cultures to come together and form lasting friendships which will also help address social isolation. 

Photo of Harvest coordinator, Vaida, harvesting salad from the polytunnel 


Penyffordd Community Council  

In Flintshire, Penyffordd Community Council will use £9,999 to improve the play facilities for young people in the village by building a concrete skate park where they can gather, socialise and express themselves.  

Richard Bestwick, Chairman of Penyffordd Community Council said, “Outdoor play areas are more important than ever for young people, helping them with their confidence and giving them a hobby where they can be activand meet new friends. The National Lottery funding is a welcome help – thank you very much from the village of Penyffordd.”  

Bryngwran Cymunedol   

Meanwhile in Anglesey, Bryngwran Cymunedol will use £100,000 to develop the outbuildings at Bryngwran Arms into business units to include a shop, hairdressers, café and multiuse space to create jobs, provide services locally and to contribute to the sustainability of  the area and wellbeing of the community.  

Read about all120 grantsawarded in the latest round by downloading the list here 

Our funding programmes remain open for all applications that meet our criteria, including support during COVID-19. If you have an idea for a community project, call 029 2168 0214 to talk to us or go to www.tnlcommunityfund.org.uk/wales  


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