£3.1 million to support communities and improve wellbeing across Wales

Today, we are announcing the good news that 51 communities across Wales are getting a share of more than £3.1 million, thanks to National Lottery players. 

The funding will help support communities and improve people’s wellbeing as we approach the summer. From gardening projects to getting out and about in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, they are all helping communities in Wales recover and adapt from COVID-19.

RainbowBiz CIC  

RainbowBiz CIC celebrating receiving £10,000
RainbowBiz CIC

RainbowBiz CIC in Flintshire has been awarded £10,000 to continue to run Digging Deeside, a social gardening project aimed at improving community wellbeing and relieving carers’ stress.

Welcoming the grant, Darren Cook from RainbowBiz CIC explained what the project has done for him:

“Since Digging Deeside I’ve become very confident to do things by myself, things that I found difficult to do beforehand, like chatting with people and making new friends. I’ve learnt gardening skills and I’ve learnt people skills. I talk for myself now instead of needing others to guide me in all that I do.

“My new-found abilities allow me to help and support others, both in gardening and in support, and my health has improved immensely, physically and mentally. I feel that Digging Deeside enhances me, I make new friends and enjoy being with nature. It has helped me feel more alive!”

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority  

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, in partnership with Mind Pembrokeshire, will use £339,891 over three years to support people who have poor mental health.

They will offer support to take part in volunteering and access outdoor group activity in and around the National Park. The activities will help people develop skills and build confidence. They will also be able to meet new people and improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Receiving the grant, Graham Peake, Discovery Team Leader, said: “Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Mind Pembrokeshire believe that, perhaps now more than ever, time spent outdoors can be a real benefit to the wellbeing of those taking part. Our project will benefit from the shared expertise of all those involved, including a team of motivated volunteers who will act as mentors to those taking part. Funding for this project is excellent news – we can’t wait to get started.”

Mach Maethlon 

Mach Maethlon - Machynlleth community gardening
Mach Maethlon – Photograph: Poppy Dent

Mach Maethlon, based in Machynlleth, will spend £99,952 over two and a half years. They intend to increase the amount of food grown locally and ensure that everyone has access to delicious, fresh produce. They will support local people to grow, cook and eat the locally grown foods.

Alison Murfitt, project coordinator for Edible Mach, said, “We are delighted to have been awarded this grant. It will enable us to increase our local food resilience, support more people to grow and cook healthy food and build connections in our community with local food at its heart.”

BAME Mental Health Support CIC (BMHS)  

In Swansea, BAME Mental Health Support successfully bid for £9,800 to distribute excess food within their community, and to provide access and transport to essential services such as attending vaccination appointments.

Alfred Oyekoya, Director of BMHS, said: “Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund Wales, we are now better equipped to provide support to members of our community who depend on food supplies, as we recover from the pandemic in Wales. By collecting food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing it to good causes, we are contributing to the UK economy every week.”

Friends of Coed Gwilym Park 

Nearby in Clydach, Friends of Coed Gwilym Park will use £89,000 to develop a new community club house at Coed Gwilym Park, enhancing the facilities in the park and providing a place to meet, shelter and socialise. School activities, presentation evenings and social events will take place at the club house which will be open to the public every day.

Friends of Coed Gwilym Park - people celebrating
Friends of Coed Gwilym Park

David Rooke, Chairman of Friends of Coed Gwilym Park, said “We are delighted with our award and most grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund. We are very excited to be well on the way to achieving all of the funding required to make this project a reality.”

Adoption UK Charity  

Adoption UK - First 1000 Days project officers
(left) Ann Bell, Director Wales; (right) Stuart McCarthy-Thompson, The First 1,000 Days project lead

Adoption UK Charity will use £253,809 over three years to provide support to newly adopting parents in their first 1,000 days. Initially adopters are offered statutory support, but as that stops Adoption UK will provide mechanisms to support families through the initial, and very often hardest time, of the adoption process.

Ann Bell, Director Wales, said, “We’re delighted that our grant application to The National Lottery Community Fund has been successful. The First 1,000 Days project will enable us to provide peer-led support, advice and training at an early stage for new adoptive families, helping to build an engaged and resilient community. It’s an exciting project and we can’t wait to start.”

John Rose, Director at The National Lottery Community Fund in Wales, said: “These groups have played an incredible role in supporting communities and people’s wellbeing over this difficult period, thanks to National Lottery players. As we cautiously look to the future, we know people will continue to make a positive difference to each other’s lives across Wales, and we are privileged to see this directly.”

Read about all 51 grants worth £3,170,216 in our full list here.

National Lottery players raise £36 million each week for good causes throughout the UK. To find out more about applying for a grant to help your community adapt, recover and thrive, visit www.tnlcommunityfund.org.uk/wales.

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