How Glenwood Church are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis

We understand that COVID-19 is impacting on many of the groups funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, but we are also very proud of how those we fund in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors are adapting their services to support and help their communities.

We will be focusing on groups that are continuing to operate and keep people connected be that preparing food parcels for key workers, redesigning their websites to include dedicated sections on COVID-19, or even running 1-1 sessions via text messages. You can read our first blog on Men’s Sheds Cymru here and our second one on Dynamic Wrexham here.

In this blog we’re focussing on Glenwood Church in Cardiff. Glenwood Church use their facilities as a focal point to bring their community together through a variety of social clubs and activities. Recently, they’ve been focusing their efforts on providing a support for keyworkers and vulnerable members of their community.

Deborah Tugwell, of Glenwood Church, told us: “Our biggest challenge at the moment is logistics and how we address the needs we have identified safely and responsibly given the restriction on movement. We have the ideas and volunteers (ready and willing!) we just need to work out how to mobilise and deliver things safely.

“Our initial response involves a number of activities; the first being a partnership with a local independent coffee shop, Little Man. This project is two-fold; it supports local business and economy and it provides food that we can deliver and distribute to those in need in our community. We initially ran a trial, delivering to 19 vulnerable individuals in our community, a two-course meal. This went really well and so we will now develop this to provide for more people, including individuals and families.

Glenwood Church Community Centre

“We also know a number of NHS frontline workers and so we would like to offer them meals to keep in their fridge/freezer so they don’t have to cook when they get home from long shifts.

“Secondly, Cardiff Foodbank were going to have to close their Wednesday afternoon food distribution centre in Llanedeyrn (held at St. Philip Evans Church) as the volunteer team are all over 70, and so we will be going in each week, with some staff from St. Teilos High School, to keep this open and running.”

“We are also working as a coalition of local churches and organisations where people in Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn can get practical help if they need it or would simply like to hear a friendly voice, then they can either phone or complete an online form.

“Finally we are working on a buddy up system, where people are buddied up for weekly telephone calls, cards/letters, offers of practical support.”

“We think one of the biggest issues will be food poverty, followed by mental health as this pandemic unfolds and then the economic consequences over the next few months. We are looking at our community (and city) and seeing this as a marathon – believing the impact and needs will unfold over the coming months.”

You can find out more about Glenwood Church here.

For more information on how The National Lottery Community Fund is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, visit our website.

You can also apply for National Lottery funding here.

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