Young people! We’re teaming up with you

In August we announced that we had recruited our Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel, a dynamic and diverse team of 10 young people from across Wales to take the lead in how National Lottery money will be used to support young people across Wales. Over the next few weeks they will be reaching our and engaging with young people to hear about the issues that are most important and matter most to them, and how National Lottery money can be used to make a positive difference.

As part of this work we are also working with ProMo Cymru, in partnership with Ministry of Life, to help support our 10 young people to best reach out, engage, and hear more from young people right across Wales. Find out more about our Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel and how they are working with The National Lottery Community Fund on our website.

ProMo Cymru have been supporting people across Wales to best engage with their communities for over 30 years. They empower different communities and cultures to come together to create positive change.

Over the next few months ProMo Cymru will be supporting the Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel with workshops, training and skills development to best equip them with to make sure that the voices of young people across Wales are heard. We will also be hearing more from our Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel about their progress and what they’re hearing in their communities.

Arielle Tye, of ProMo Cymru, said: “Our work is based on involving young people in the design of projects, so we are excited by The National Lottery Community Fund’s approach. We’re looking forward to seeing how the advisory panel shape the fund’s future programmes for young people in Wales.”

Working with ProMo Cymru, Rhys Bugler one of our Young People in the Lead members, said: “We want to gather a spectrum of voices from young people in Wales. Gender, sexuality, race, religion. We want to uncover voices that are unheard.”

Tilly Davies, another of our Young People in the Lead panel members, said: “At the end of all of this, it will be amazing to see the projects that are out there, that will have benefited from receiving the money.”

Find out more about National Lottery funding on our website here.

Find out more about ProMo Cymru on their website here.

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